Thursday, July 29, 2021

World Television Day 2019

When World Television Day is Celebrated?

World Television Day is Celebrated Globally on the 21st of November Month. 21st November is Globally Observed as Television Day, Not as a Holiday.

Why World Television Day is Celebrated?

Television Plays a major role to broadcast the Global problem of people and how that problem affects people’s lives. on Television people can express their problems globally without any hesitation. So it is a very nice platform to share your problem globally. This day Globally raises awareness about important issues of our planet. So this Day gives you a Great Opportunity to know about major issues of our television day 2019

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History of  Television Day 

UN General Assembly held the first world television Forum in 1996. After that in the month of  December 1996 UN General Assembly commemorates the 21st November as World Television Day.

How To celebrate World Television Day 2019?

You can Celebrate this Day by Different Social platform.UN Provide videos for a social platform and news media. You can go through it and share it on social media to raise awareness about this day.
Your friends and family will come to know the actual purpose of the Television.

Video of Television Day:-

World Television Day 2019 Images:

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