Monday, March 30, 2020

World No Tobacco Day 2018

Every year on 31st May celebrated as World No Tobacco Day. This day is celebrated to aware of Tobacco usage and its side effect. On this day people try to away from Tobacco for 24 hours of the time period.

The day is also intended to draw attention to the widespread prevalence of tobacco use and to negative health effects. Every year 6 million death occurs due to the tobacco usage. The World Health Organization created World No Tobacco Day in 1987.

The Day has been met with both Resistance and Enthusiasm Around the world from public health organizations, governments smokers, growers, and the tobacco industry. In 1987 WHO passed Resolution for 7 April 1988 to be a world no-smoking day.

The objective of the day is to urge tobacco users worldwide to Quit usage of Tobacco for 24 hours. In 1988 WHO passed Resolution for a celebration of the world no tobacco day on 31 May.

In the year 2008 on World No Tobacco Day, the WHO called for a worldwide ban on all tobacco, promotion, and sponsorship, advertising. The theme of that year’s day was ” Tobacco-free youth. In 2015 World No Tobacco Day is associated with tobacco use and advocated for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption including the trade of tobacco products.

The main focus of this Day 2018 is “Tobacco and heart disease.” The campaign will increase awareness of the:

  • the link between tobacco and heart and other diseases including stroke, which leading causes of death
  • feasible actions and measures that key audiences, including governments and the public sector, can take to reduce the risks to heart health posed by tobacco.


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