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World Milk Day 1st June 2020 : Importance and Significance

World Milk Day celebrated Every Year on 1st June. This day is celebrated for the first time in 2001. World Milk Day 2020 will be celebrated by people all over the world. Due to the Global pandemic of COVID-19, all campaigns and events take place online.
This Year all campaigns and events are organized according to the rules and regulations of Word health organizations.
This day raises awareness about milk and how milk is healthy for all people. Also, this day raises awareness for milk and milk products all over the world. The Indian Veterinary Research Institute will celebrate the day by organizing various awareness campaigns. In Villages Rally will also organize to promote the milk products. 

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Various campaigns and rallies will be organized on this occasion across the globe. volunteers will aware people about the importance of milk for the health of a person. Milk and dairy products will also be donated among the people.
In Uttar Pradesh, a campaign will be organized to promote milk drinking, especially for children and women.


World Milk Day was the first time celebrated in 2001 all across the world. The number of participating countries in the celebration is increasing day by day. It is celebrated every year to publicize the activities related to the milk and milk industries all over the world.
This celebration has been nationalized by organizing celebration related activities on a national level. It is celebrated to increase public awareness about the importance of milk and milk products.
World Milk Day was the first time celebrated on the 1st of June by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. 1st  June as the national milk day was already being celebrated by many countries during this time.


World Milk Day is celebrated by people all across the world on the 1st of June. It is celebrated to increase the common public awareness about all aspects of natural milk and various milk products including its economic importance throughout the globe. A poster competition will be conducted for the children.
It has been celebrating in several countries Malaysia, Colombia, Romania, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, USA and etc by the participation of various consumers and employees of milk industries.


Milk is an important food for everyone. Milk adds a balanced diet on a daily basis. world milk day celebration brought revolution among the common public about the importance of milk.
World milk day celebration brings a perfect opportunity for each one to get the new messages about adding milk in a balanced diet. It is celebrated by the association members on a national and international level.

World Milk Day Themes

>   world milk day 2012  theme was “Drink Fresh Milk, Body Fit, Smart Brain”.
> In the year 2013  Theme was “Milk for Health and Prosperity of Southeast Asian region”.
>  milk day 2014 Theme was“Milk is the First Food for Human” and “World Class Nutrition”.
> world milk day 2015 Theme was “Milk is the First Food for Human”.
> world milk day 2016 Theme was“Raise a Glass”.
>  milk day 2017 Theme was“Economic Development, Livelihoods, Nutrition”.
> In the year 2018 Theme was“Drink Move Be Strong”.
> World Milk Day 2019 Theme is “Drink Milk: Today & Everyday”.

World Mik Day 2020 Campaigns:-

Raise A virtual Glass To World Milk Day 2020 – 20th Anniversary Celebration 
Raise A Glass To Better Days 
World Milk Day Celebration
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