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World Health Day 2019

World Health Day is Global health awareness day. It is celebrated on 7th April every year. World Health Day is celebrated since 1950. This day is celebrated Under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization.

On This Day WHO Organize different activities related to a particular theme. On World Health Day various governments and nongovernmental organization organize different events and show there supports in media reports.

Importance Of This Day:

Health is most important in human life so this day is to spread awareness of health. It is also important people from all over the world can obtain the care they need at the right time.

Millions of people still have no access to all health care. Millions of people also find difficulty for their basic needs like food, clothing and even home. To help those people WHO organize this day.

 Theme and Slogan of  World Health Day 2019:

World Health Day 2019’s theme is base on Universal Health Coverage. In short UHC.A slogan for World Health Day 2019: “Moving Together to Build a Healthier World.”The WHO’s campaign for 2019 is on universal health coverage which ensures that individuals across the world have access to the health care that they need when they need it.

In this Year World Health Day is reflecting on how to get the maximum benefit of scientific advancements in treatment. And How to prevent the areas of infectious disease while also looking at the infectious disease. And make further improvement to reduce preventable deaths globally.

What is Universal Health Coverage:

Universal Health coverage means that all the individuals and communities receive health care services when they needed without financial hardship.UHC covers the full spectrum of health services with full quaily, quality treatment and also palliative health care.

Everyone can access the UHC services that address the most significant cause of the disease and death. Which ensures that the quality of those services is good enough to improve the health of people who receive them.


UHC Protects people from the finical risk and paying for health services from their own pockets. People with poverty because of unexpected illness which requires to save their lives and often their children.

To achieving this targets the nations of the world set the Golas in 2015. Also, Make progress toward achieving these health-related targets and many other goals. Because good health allows children to learn more and adults to earn more and helps people with poverty.

What UHC is not

Things that are not included in UHC:

  • It does not mean free coverage for all possible health care, because no country can provide all services free of charge.
  • It is not about health financing. It also encompasses all components of the health system including the health service delivery systems, health workforce and communications networks, health technologies and much more.
  • It’s not only about ensuring a minimum package of health services, but also ensuring a progressive coverage of health services and give financial protection as more resources are available.
  • Not only about individual treatment services, but also Provides population-based services such as public health campaigns, adding fluoride to water, controlling the mosquito and so on.
  • It comprised of much more rather than health taking steps towards UHC means steps towards development priorities, and social inclusion and cohesion.

How can countries make progress towards UHC?

Many countries are starting to make progress towards UHC. All other countries can take actions to move more rapidly towards this campaign. In countries where health services are easily accessible and affordable, governments find difficult to respond to ever-growing health needs of the populations and also costs of health services.

Moving towards UHC requires strengthening the health systems in all countries. Strong financing structures are the key. When people have to pay the most of the cost for health services from their own pockets, the poor are often unable to obtain many of the services which they need.

Even the rich may find financial hardship in long-term illness. Pooling funds from funding sources can spread the financial risks of illness across a population. Improving health service coverage depends on the availability and capacity of health workers to deliver quality care.

Investments in primary health care will be the cornerstone for achieving UHC around the world. Investing in primary health care is the most cost-effective way to ensures the essential health care will improve. 

How UHC is measured?

Monitoring progress towards UHC should focus on 2 things:

  • In the proportion of a population that can access essential quality health services.
  • A proportion of the population that spends a large amount of household income on health

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