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World creativity and innovation Day 2020: 21st April

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World Creativity and Innovation Day 2020

 Hello friends welcome to our site site is based on Day, telegram channel link and Whatsapp group join link. Today I am sharing an interesting day topic with you. It is world Creativity and innovation day.
World Creativity and Innovation Day is celebrated on 21st April Every year Since 2002. The first time it was celebrated on 21st April 2002. In short, is also known as WICD day. If you searching for this day on Wikipedia you will find the first time celebration day was 21st April 2018. But it was wrong for your reference you can check this article for World creative and innovation day first-time celebration date.
As per Name suggest Creativity and Innovation day is observed to explore your creativity and innovation. Our Universe itself is creative in nature. We all are parts of the creation of this Universe. so it is so obvious Humans are creative in nature. So creative and innovation day gives you the opportunity to start your journey of creativity and imagination.
World creativity and innovation day is celebrated across 46 countries. on this day artist, graphic desiginer,photographer,programmers are showing their creation through different events organize by UN.
Our Imaginations are endless. Grab this oppruitny on 21st April 2020 spread your innovation and creativity to make this world better place. This day is celebrated across all over the world and people from all around the world will show their imagination and innovation on this World creativity and innovation day 2020.
The aim of this day is to make this world better place by creativity. This day is celebrated in different ways all over the world.This day also raise awareness about creative and celebrate the unlimited and endless potientil of ccreativtiy.
Natioanl Creativity Day is observe on 30th may every year.First time it was celebrated on 30th may 2018.

History of world innovation and creativity day

First time it was celebrated on 2002.In Canada 2001 first time creative crises  was celebrated years later it is reported as world innovation and creative day.Marci single is founder of world creative and innovation day.Here i attach photo of marci single.Marci single compplerinf her study in BA with cultural anthropology and in creativity.

marci segal innovation day
marci segal innovation day

Marci single organiz e first world creativity day to encourage people to use creativity and innovation to make this world better place.In 2005 celebration of this day is extended upto one it is decided to celebrate world creative and innovation week from 15th april to 21st April. 15th April is birthday of leonardo da vinci.He is known for his creativity in painting,music,engineering,architecture. 

How to Celebrate World innovation and creativity day 2020?

Hopefully when you read this you are in safe place and healty at home.As all you know this year whole world fight against COVID here are some interesting Idea to how celebrate WICD day from Home.
You can share your idea with this site
You can share your Creativity through face book, instagram and whatsapp
You can Showing your art and different creativity to community
If you find any creative person in your family, friend circle, in your office you can share it with other people
If you find any new idea, something different in current COVID-19 situation you can share it with other people.
It is good chance to showing your creativity in art, painting and various different branches from home.

WICD Quotes 2020

Some creative images for WICD 2020

world creativity and innovation day 2020
Innovative day 2020