Thursday, May 13, 2021

World Book and Copyright Day 2020

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World Book Day is also known as the International Day of the book. World Book Day is a yearly event organized by UNESCO(United Nations Educational Scientific and Culture Organization) on 23 rd April To promote Reading, Publishing, and copyright In the United Kingdom. First Time world Book Day Was celebrated on 23rd April 1995.
World Book Day is also known as the world book day and copyright day. This day is celebrated to bring awareness about the books over digital books. Books are so important for our life growth and success.
World Book Day is observed across the globe on 23rd April but in some countries, it is observed in march month.on this day you can give your kid books to read and raise awareness about reading and tell them how reading impacts our life.
The connection Between 23rd April was First Made by Booksellers in Spain in 1923. The original idea was of the Valencian writer Vicente Clavel Andrés as a way to honor the author Miguel de Cervantes October 7 on his birthday and then April 23 his death date.
UNESCO Decide 23rd April as world book a day and Copyright Day as the date is also anniversary depth of the William Shakespeare as well as that of birth or depth of several predominated authors.
In Sweden Book day is celebrated on 13 April and in UK Book Day is celebrated on 23rd April.
Here I list out some interesting books to read for kids for this year celebration of world book day 2020. Please check it out. I hope you find some meaningful information about book day and copyright day from this article. For more queries please comment on below comment box.

Top 10 Books to read on this World Books day 2020:-

1)Bings splashy story 
2)SUPERTATO Books are Rubbish
3)Dog Man
4)Evie In The jungle 
5)Amelia Fang and Bookworm Gang 
6)The Day We Met The Queen
7)Kid Normal and loudest library
8)My awesome Guide to Getting Good at Stuff
9)Alex Rider Undercover Four Secret Files
10)The kissing Booth: Road trip

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world book and copyright day 2020
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