Tuesday, February 18, 2020

World Back Up Day 2019 : 31 St march

World Back Up Day 2019

World Back Up Day is a reminder for data safety. It is celebrated on the 31st of March every year. The day before April full day is world back up day.As per the report in 2015 Us federal agencies alone store 2.63 petabytes data. So there are more chances of data loss.

As World Back Up day nears on  31 st march data security remain a major problem for federal IT agency. Only 27% of the agency has the ability to back up your data. In today’s business world the most important thing is baking up data.


3 Tips for Data safety 

1)Use Tiered data management system

2)Create an offsite backup 

3)Use cloud based back up system

Using the above three tips you can back up your important data. Today’s business is in the era of always on. It is very essential to back up your data every second. Your Back Up strategy must be strong. when you need your data it must be easily recoverable. A well-formatted backup strategy is essential for every organization.

IT team must have planned for data protection of the organization. It requires a well future plan for data back up. Loss of data may occur due to human error, technological error, cyber attack.

In late 2018 46% of business say they have suffered data loss in the past 12 months. Leading cause of the data loss in business is human error. So you have to test your system every time and check the backup status.


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