Thursday, May 13, 2021

Woman age 27 marries best mate’s DAD who is double her age

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A woman who was married to her best friend’s father, who doubled her age – and now all three go on holiday together.

Real estate agent Taylor Lehmann, 27, admitted that due to his 30-year-old friendship with his daughter Amanda, he was convicted for dating Karen for the first time.

Tyler and Kearle Lehmann’s marriage have been for one year – and the duration of 27 years of age
But five years later, the United States Arizona Phoenix couple is still strong – and Taylor says that people compare them with Hollywood stars Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas.

Taylor said how and how Kern never expected their “rebound fling” to switch to a marriage.
Finding shared love for music, traveling and enjoying, the pair quickly moved together.
The couple, who are once erroneous for fathers and daughters, now have the support of their families despite initial anxiety and shock.

Taylor, left, met her husband through his daughter – her best mate Amanda, right

Taylor, left, got her daughter together with her daughter – her best friend Amanda, right
Taylor recalled: “When we first met, I worked with Karen’s daughter, she was my best friend, and at that time she was married. I was also in love.

“At first I thought that she was very beautiful. I always attracted the elderly, she thought I was beautiful, and we started flirting on the bar.”

“Amanda was friends with her father a year ago, so I got a lot of crime and I felt bad before.

“But in time I am getting on it. She knows that I will always be in her life and problems.

“Initially my parents were very worried, my mom got upset that this was my friend’s father, but they know that I have always taken the date of the older men.

“But time improves everything and my mom, dad and stepmother have met us and everything is fine with him.

Taylor admitted she felt guilty at first about dating her best mate’s dad

Taylor admitted that she first believed in being guilty of dating her best friend’s father
“Kern is very beautiful, and I worship how I am carrying it, it is very educated, smart and successful.”

It took some time for Taylor to use strangers to strangers, couples met with most of the era.

But in time, she adapted and now does not care what others think.

Taylor said: “When we first met together, I was very insecure, I thought everyone was thirsty or questioned us, but it was just new.

“People look at us, but I think that is because when we both are ready we are a beautiful couple.”

Taylor and Amanda had been friends for a year before she hooked up with her dad
Taylor and Amanda had been friends for a year before she hooked up with her dad

Taylor and Amanda had friends for a year before joining their father
Taylor confesses that he was surprised that he was involved and then tied the knot last year, at a 25-person personal ceremony in Cancún, Mexico.

She said: “We found that we had a very common, but I do not think any one of us expects we to get married. We thought that it would be a resurgent thing for both of us.

“But, we hit it, we like the same music and are both old souls. I fall in love for her personality, she makes me attractive to her.

“It’s fun, we go out, we pick both parties, and they are charming. I appreciate our safety as a couple of her era, prudence and also.”

Taylor said that Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas are better than that.

Taylor said she and Kern are compared to Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas
Taylor said that she and Kern are compared with Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

“They have the same age difference,” she said. “She is dark and has silver hair like her, but Cairn looks better than Mark Douglas.

“People have told us that we look like them during the holidays and that’s a very attractive couple.

“There has been only one experience among people confusing our relationship, when we closed at our California home, Notreira said: ‘Your daughter can fill this or sign here.’

The couple share a love of partying and having fun
The couple share a love of partying and having fun
“We started to laugh and Carney told her, ‘She is my wife’ and the noticery was stupid.”
Rather than considering the children in their future, Taylor said he was happy with his freedom of independence from his lifestyle.
She added: “Why I want change in part of her life, honestly I love my life, we enjoy the freedom to travel and enjoy together.
“Every year we spend a week in Mexico; it’s fun but it’s a party. We have a lot of wine and fun.
“I’m very polite. I like home, cooking and household work. We both take pride in our home and hosting.”
Taylor admits that she was surprised they got engaged
Taylor confesses that she has become astonished
The couple tied the knot last year, in an intimate 25-person ceremony in Cancun, Mexico
The couple tied the knot last year, in an intimate 25-person ceremony in Cancun, Mexico
With the end of the 27-year-old age between them, the couple had to talk about the possibility that Kane could pass on to her and give future plans. Last year, the couple had a connection with the village at 25 people’s music concert. In the city of Cancún of Mexico.
Tyler said: “We met with the trust and advocate, women in the middle of the 20th century do not have to deal and it is very difficult.
“But who knows who will be tomorrow, I have never promised. I can go by a whirling accident or anything tomorrow before tomorrow.”
Looking at the material with their lives, this pair is to celebrate their second wedding anniversary in May.
Taylor says they’re happy with the freedom their lifestyle allows them
Tyler says he is happy in his freedom of freedom of his life

A retired, Kern says: “Taylor has a great understanding of humor, a living and old soul. She has a huge heart and she is very loyal, she is also my best friend and it is very easy to talk about anything.

“I did not really get any reservations, and Amanda was found to be largely responsible for his meeting whether or not he was.

“Taylor did not really expect me to develop into what he did at that time.

“When I did, my attitude was that I did a lot for my children, but selecting my partner is not in their area.”

Taylor admitted she's sometimes mistaken for Kern's daughter
Taylor admitted that she was sometimes mistaken for Karen’s daughter

Kearl advises people in their age-span relationships who ignore their love or judge judges.

He said: “If he pleases you and you click, he is not a business, but you and people want to make a decision with hell, leave them in their glass house.”

As we said earlier, how the 27-year-old mother showed her the age difference between her and her vampire – she is older than her parents – this means she often makes a mistake for her father.

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