Friday, May 14, 2021

What Are the Internet and Social Media Benefits in education?

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In the times of Covid-19, when everything has been stopped in just days and the traditional methods of education, marketing, shopping, etc. that have been in practice since 100 of years have failed to survive with the circumstance resulted from the pandemic, Internet has been the only thing running at its regular pace and has been a savior for all of all. Almost every part of life is being ruled by the Internet these days that is the power that it holds!

For educational institutes, teachers, and students, the Internet has become a channel that is letting them survive through these times. The ease of access to online tuition and being able to stay connected with teachers and classmates is helping students to study adequately while waiting safely from the pandemic. Here is how the Internet and social media is benefiting the education system and the students and changing their lives for good:



No wonder why this one tops the list of benefits. Knowledge is a significant benefit that the Internet and social media have. Even the regular high schools have turned into online high schools due to the closure of institutes as the result of the pandemic. Educational institutes and teachers can communicate with their students and vice versa. Having platforms like google meeting, zoom, Microsoft teams, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. are easing the task of continuing the teaching and learning schedule effortlessly. Students are receiving the lectures and are sending out the assignments, thus, saving everyone from time wastage and keeping everyone busy in these crucial times. 



Earlier, it was tough for the students to keep track of their classmates during the vacations or the ones who have moved to another city. However, social media has made it quite convenient for us to stay connected to one other. Not just that, you can get to know new people, make new friends, and can extend your social network. How does that relate to education? It is quite simple; you see your peers succeeding in their educational or professional career; it will motivate you to work even harder. The competition is what brings out the best of you.


Getting Global Exposure:

Earlier, people had to go through long lists of advertisements in the newspapers to find a job, kudos to the Internet, you do not need to put that much effort to get access to the employment opportunities. Even if you scrolling down through your social media platform’s feed, you come across a lot of advertisements offering employment and internship opportunities. Moreover, you can join groups on Facebook, where students share their experiences of studying in a foreign country and getting scholarships. Getting access to such groups is easy, and you can even talk to the people directly and get guidance. Social media can let you get hold of some fantastic opportunities and literary change the course of your life by giving you exposure to life-changing opportunities. 


Increases Your Credibility:

Unlike olden times, when to gain additional knowledge relating to specific subjects or to keep up with the current affairs or the tech information was a real struggle. People had to go to libraries either of their universities or the free ones to collect books for getting additional information. However, now you can literary find anything with just a few clicks. Ranging from e-books to articles, you can find any sort of other material you want and that too quite conveniently. The more knowledge you gain, the more credible you become. 

social media benifites in education

Online Courses:

Getting access to foreign language learning courses and or other professional courses has never been so easy. It is quite natural for everyone to get enrolled in any online course and add up to their skills which in turn makes their CV look good. Moreover, if you want to do something other than your studies, like some extracurricular activity, then you can do while staying at home too. Either it’s a course relating to interior decoration or event manager, you have a got a wide variety to pick from!



The list of benefits that the Internet and social media have for education is never-ending. Depending upon the use, both of them have become a necessity for every household. Technological evolution has radically altered our life. All the traditional methods have been replaced by the innovative ones, thus, making this world a global village.