We can now Use Mobile phones and internet connectivity in Flight, New rules coming soon

On Friday the telecom regulatory of India announces that both internet and mobile communication services should be allowed over Indian airspace.
As per airlines call you can offer internet services or Mobile communication services or both but as per authority point of view this service is technically feasible and more security problem can be addressed. There should be no barrier to the provisioning of these services.
So both internet and mobile communication service should be permitted as in-flight connectivity Indian airspace said. This decision comes after several rounds of consultation with many stakeholders and industry in the last year of September month
After getting a minimum height of 3000 meters you can use these terrestrial networks, a flight attains this height after four-five minutes of takeoff.
You can use this internet services through onboard Wi-Fi should be made available only when electronic devices are permitted to use only in flight mode or airplane mode.
During the consultation process, several stakeholders raised red-flags over providing MCA service and pointing out that its regulatory framework was more complex, issues such as interference, roaming, and spectrum use would need to be addressed.
Further, one stakeholder also said that airlines were no longer installing MCA technologies as Internet data services, messaging applications and voice over internet protocol applications were addressing most of the in-flight mobile connectivity requirements.
To use this service Telecom regulatory of India need to establish a separate category of the in-flight connectivity service provider. This service should be charged a nominal license fee of Re 1 par annum, will be changed later. All requirements remain the same for both Indian and foreign airlines.

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