Sunday, May 16, 2021

Valentine Week Special 2021

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Valentine Day is Celebrated On 14 February Every Year. On this Day people tell their loved ones, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Partner, Friends, wife even family member how much they mean to them.
You can celebrate this day with flowers, gifts, candles this week is also celebrated a week of love. It is time when Love is Definitely in the air. Couples Celebrated Each day with Special Significance. The Week Starts from rose day 7th February, propose day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, Valentine Day in this week there is plenty of opportunities to convey your loved ones.

Rose Day – 7th Feb

People Give a rose to their Love ones on this Day. The red rose is associated with romance and yellow is associated with friends. For more Detail Click on

Propose Day – 8th Feb

On Propose Day People Propose To their Loved Ones to show their feelings to girls/boys. There are different ways to propose a girl for more detail click on

Chocolate Day – 9th Feb

People give chocolate to Their Love ones On chocolate Day. even we can give to your friend, favorite person, partner. Eating Chocolate Have many health benefits. For more detail click on

Teddy Day – 10th Feb

All Couple gives Teddy Bear to their Love ones. Different Color Teddy Bear indicates Different Feelings. Teddy Day is also celebrated by friends, family member or even for daughters and son.for more detail click on

Promise Day – 11th Feb

On promise Day peoples Make Promises to Each Other for their Love Life and make a promise to stronger there relationship till the depth. This day friends also can make a promise to make their friendship stronger and better. For more details click on

Hug Day – 12th Feb

 People give tight Hug to their Love Ones. Giving Hug have many Health Benefits release stress, anxiety. For more Detail Click on

Kiss Day – 13th Feb

kiss Day is only for Partners and lovers. kiss Day is Celebrated on 13th Feb. This is the best way to show emotion and feelings without saying words. For more Detail click on

Valentine Day – 14th Feb

Valentine’s day is the last day of Valentine’s week.celebration of Valentine’s day in honor of Sant Valentine a 3rd-century roman. Valentine Day is Dedicated to romance and love.for more photos click on