Wednesday, April 14, 2021

US patient’s life saved By Surat Doctor Aditya Shah at height of 35000 ft.

76 year old senior citizen named Jim Rogers a resident of Wisconsin in the US saves his life by young surat doctor Aditya Shah. Flying on the Delta flight 11 London to Minneapolis Flight Jim Rogers health suddenly deteriorated. And blood pressure increase at the level of 200-120 and from his right eye, blood started to ooze out. Dr. Aditya Shah from Surat who was also on the same flight and he don’t waste his time and take this case in his hand.

Along with the Aditya shah veteran nurse Anne Henson and Hennepin County EMT black Tyra also joined in this case treatment.shah Firstly gathered all the medical supplies from plane kit and also quickly arranged for blood pressure medicines from the co-passengers.
Once condition stabilized the flight was returning to Ireland for medical treatment of the Rogers. Rogers was detected of corneal melt treatment and also several surgeries.

Aditya Shah is a student of St Xavier’s school in Surat and completed his MBBS from Mumbai. He obtained his Doctor in medicine(MD)degree from Chicago. Presently he is doing a fellowship at the famous Mayo Clinic Rochester in infectious diseases.
After meeting his parents Aditya Shah was returning to the US via London root. While Rogers was going a home with his wife Margaret shields.

Aditya shah’s father Dr. Sanjeev is practicing Orthopedic surgeon in Surat for the past 30 years. He said that we are proud of this timely gesture for this my wife Radhika is responsible she helping him to bring the imbibe of Indian values.
After this incident, Aditya Shah said that “ I think that our team was God sent for Rogers on this particular day”