Bulandshahr, a town in western Uttar Pradesh, witnessed its worst nightmare on Monday, December 03. Rumors about cow slaughter brought the city down on its knees. Hundreds of people, from nearby villages, converged in Bulandshahr just over this rumor. 

The shocking mob violence took place when some activists professed to have found carcasses of cows across farms in Mahav village near Bulandshahr. When the remains of the dead cow were carries to a nearby police-station in Chingravathi village. The activists want to file an FIR against this but they don’t get any response from Police.

 In the afternoon, the Shyana police station is informed about the hearsay and police officials from different sub-stations reached the vicinity to control the mob. The locals blamed the police for not taking an adaptation against the convicts. The situation aggrieved further when the mob tried to take law in their hands. The police had to opt for lathi charge which further escalated the rage. This led to firing by some of the local villagers and a counter firing by the police. Amidst this, Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh and a 21-year-old boy, Sumit were shot dead. While one of Singh’s assistants was brutally injured the others managed an escape. Singh’s assistant and some villagers who have had several injuries are being treated in a local hospital.

This uneventful mishap took place when lakhs of Muslims, across India, had gathered in Bulandshahr for Tablighi Jamaat’s Ijtema(religious ceremony). The attack on police had happened around 30 kilometers away from the site of the Ijtema that ended on December 03 peacefully. By evening, the UP government had deployed security in the town and its peripheral areas. The police had appealed to the public to refrain from believing in and spreading any rumor. Police detain 4 convicts.


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