Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Trump-kim Summit will be held on 12 June in Singapore

US president Donald Trump will meet North Korea’s Kim in Singapore on June 12 and making the first face to face meeting between the serving leaders of the two countries.
Trump made a tweet on tweeter on Thursday “The highly anticipated meeting between Kim and myself will take place in Singapore on June 12, we will try to make it a very special moment for world peace my proudest achievement will be denuclearizing Korean peninsula”.

There is already a clamor from trump supports who want him to be awarded by Nobel Prize for his efforts but as per all know his personal life and scandal involving a porn star and his soft spot for Russia. The Nobel lobbying by his supporters has also been blighted by Trump torpedoing the Iran nuclear deal and throwing that region into turmoil even as he seeks to stabilize the Korean peninsula.

The US initially considered the Demilitarized Zone between North Korea and South Korea as a meeting place for Trump and Kim Jong-un before eventually settling on Singapore, a city-state that is a US ally and a place the travel-shy President would be more comfortable with. Kim himself seldom travels beyond the immediate region, and a Singapore sortie will be the first for him.

Earlier, Trump set the tone for a positive start to the meeting by praising Kim for freeing three prisoners, all Korean-Americans. “These are great people. Frankly, we didn’t think this was going to happen, but it did. It was important to get them out. This is a special night for these three really great people,” Trump said at the Air Force Base after he and first lady Melania went there early on Thursday to receive them, their togetherness also countering speculations about the state of their relationship.

Thanking Kim for freeing the prisoners, Trump said he believes the North Korean despot “really wants to do something” and bring the hermit kingdom “into the real world”. “We’re starting off on a new footing. I really think we have a very good chance of doing something very meaningful, and if anybody would’ve said that five years ago,10 years ago, even a year ago, you would’ve said, ‘That’s not possible,’” Trump, who repeatedly insulted Kim till a few months ago, said.

“My proudest achievement will be when we denuclearize that entire (Korean) peninsula,” Trump added, in an implicit acknowledgment that this was just the early steps of a diplomatic journey.