Monday, October 18, 2021

Top 5 Nutrition Myths

Any  party or  get together is  incomplete if  there has  been no  discussion  about  healthy lifestyle  and  nutrition.  Moreover  scroll  through  social  media  posts,  newspapers,  or magazines you  will get  access  to  several  posts  giving  information  about  health  and    nutrition and the sad part is that most of them are incorrect. Thus here this article tries to break some common myths about nutrition and put these antiquated beliefs to rest.

Calories in calories out

The common myth or belief regarding weight loss  is possible through creating  a calorie deficit by burning more energy. Going on a low calories diet will not ensure  weight loss instead several other factors like  lack  of sleep,  hormonal  imbalance,  hypothyroidism, metabolic adaptations, use of certain medications, genes, stress, and more can also slow    the process of weight loss or even stop it.

High fat foods are unhealthy

It  is  a  myth  that  high  fat  food  should  be  done  away  while  on  a  weight  loss  journey. Following a low fat diet in hope to get healthy and reduce weight  can actually bounce  back and cause more harm. Dietary fat is essential for optimal health.

Non-nutritive sweeteners are healthy

With health  and  nutrition  becoming  hot  topics  the  rise  of  non-nutritive  sweeteners  has become a rage. Consuming such sweeteners can  increase  risk of type 2 diabetes by shifting to negative shifts in gut bacteria and promoting blood sugar dysregulation. Importantly, they harm the overall health and should be avoided.

Breakfast is important

Since we were kids we have been thought that breakfast is the essential part of your day as it kick starts you metabolism. However, the fact is that you should listen to  your  body  before eating and eat only if you are hungry not because the  clock  is ticking.  As  per  intermittent fasting forgoing breakfast and staying  hungry for  an extended  period  does  good  to  your body.

Small frequent meals are essential

Eating  small  regular  meals all  throughout  the  day  is a  method  that is  followed  to  kick metabolism and achieve weight loss. However the fact is that you don’t need frequent  meals rather it  can  disturb  the digestive  system  and  give  no  rest to  the  body to  heal it. As per research done on autophagy going hungry for 12 to 14 hours helps in healing  the  body  and cure several diseases.

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