Sunday, March 7, 2021

Top 5 Best Team Viewer Alternative/ Remote Desktop Software

Team Viewer has impressive features, but then using it at times becomes a bit cumbersome and gets quirky. There are a few TeamViewer alternatives that can help you to ace your remote operations and teams.

SolarWinds Dameware

SolarWinds is a tech company that provides robust and innovative solutions for monitoring systems, networks, and other IT infrastructure. It is a solid set of 3 tools that offers multiplatform support for remote sessions with multi-factor authentication. It helps with AD management and help-desk integration. This software has two on-premise solutions, namely Dameware Mini Remote Control and Dameware Remote Support, with a SaaS Solution, namely Dameware Remote Everywhere. It comes with risk-free 14-day free trial. Owing to all the features, SolarWinds Dameware is the most preferred alternative to TeamViewer.


It is a popular RAT that has millions of users all across the world. Anydesk used for data compression and encryption to create a great UX. The reason for its popularity is because it is fast.

Zoho Assist

A RAT tool from a company, that has established itself very strongly in the collaboration and connectivity technology industry. It helps in easy integration with a lot of applications and helps in accomplishing a broader performance capability. It is a cloud-based remote support solution.

WebEx Remote Access

A Cisco RAT that is the best solution for big conference meetings. The platform is reliable, easily integrates networks, and is secure. The access works with most firewalls and supports most of the machines behind proxies.

Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection

It is a tool that comes along with the Windows Remote Desktop Connection. It is the best and free alternative and takes control of the host computer. In spite of coming with Microsoft, it works with Android, iOS, and Linux devices also.

Opting for trustworthiness and security that doesn’t compromise with HIPAA or GDPR compliance. The mode should be flexible and easy to use only, then because opting for software is meant.