Thursday, February 25, 2021

Top 10 Healthy Recipe For This Navaratri Festival 2018

During this festive season of Navratri, Lot of  Indians communities restrict their food intake as a dedication to Goddess Durga. This time is when they do not eat any non-vegetarian food or even not eat garlic and onion. Here are 10 recipes for this Navratri festival.
1) Sabudana Khichdi:-

This is one of the best Navratri recipes. Soaked sabudana is also known as tapioca balls are cooked with spices, peanuts, coconut, and potatoes. These soft and transparent pearls are going beautifully with a side of cold yogurt.
2)Cashew cream with fruit salad:-

This is one of the simplest recipes. It is very tasty and is extremely healthy for the body. Soak some cashews and refrigerate it for a few hours. Blend it with the cold water till creamy and smooth. Mix it with vanilla extract and sugar. Chop up with fruits of your choice and mix them in one bowl. Pour the cashew cream over them.
3)Dahi Aloo:-

This is also one of the easiest Navratri recipes. Boiled and mashed potatoes are simmered in thick yogurt based on gravy and then topped with spices. Just a bowlful of this and all your hunger is sure to vanish.
4. Kuttu ka Dosa:-

This is one of the favorites among the top 10 recipes for Navratri because it is so delicious. The batter for the dosa is made with arbi and kuttu ka atta with buckwheat flour. It is filled with boiled potatoes, mashed with a gentle drizzle of chili,sendha namak and ginger served with a side of yogurt.
5)Paneer Aloo Kofta:-

Make these patties with potatoes and paneer. This dish is usually deep fried. But we are talking about healthy Navratri recipes, these shallow fried koftas are the perfect option for you. You can also substitute corn flour with arrowroot flour. Dip the patties in the flour and shallow fry. They will be not broken and will be just as crispy and tasty.
6)Banana and Walnut Lassi:-

This is a simple Four ingredient Navratri recipe. It is a modern takes over on the traditional lassi. Which boosts your energy level instantly and making it the perfect food for fasting. Just blend in yogurt, with bananas; walnuts and a spoon of honey and you have a great Navratri dish for everyone.
7)Arbi chips:-

Arbi chip is very popular during this festive season. Instead of deep-frying them, you have to choose to bake the sliced arbi for a healthy twist. In the baking pan, toss is sliced with olive oil and some sendha namak. In an oven preheated up to 400 degrees, and make them bake for about 12 minutes. You have a great crispy and tasty snack.
8) Sabudana Kheer:-

This is another classic among the top 10 recipes for Navratri. Boil the sabudana in milk until the milk is reduced to half. After this, add sugar as required and let it boil. Chill it in the refrigerator for a few hours and serve with a topping of roasted dry fruits.
9) Kuttu and banana muffins:-

If you like muffins, then you will agree that this one of the top 10 Navratri recipes. This is a healthy Navratri recipe that everyone can enjoy. The batter is made with bananas and kuttu ka atta and a bit of baking powder. After this, bake them in a muffin tray till they are nice and fluffy. You can also roll in some chocolate chips to make them tastier.
10)Grape Chutney:- 

This is a wonderful dish that goes with any vada or even you can eat with thalipeth. It is a very blend of boiled grapes, raisins, sugar and spices. You also have another option of using dates to add that extra zing of energy to this great Navratri recipe. It can be stored in the refrigerator for a one week and used to make any boring fasting dish interesting.