Saturday, February 27, 2021

Today 13 Children were killed as Train hits the School Bus in Khusinagar

Today 13 children were killed as train and school van collide to each other. This accident occurred in Kushinagar 50 km away from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. Today at nearly 7.00 am School van of Divine public school had carried 25 children in the school van, pass through the unnamed railway crossing gate at behpurva hit by the train.

At least 13 children were killed and eight more injured after this accident. As per the report, 11 children died on the spot and seven are critically injured. The wounded children were taken by the staff to the hospital around 30 km away from this accident site.

Most of the victim are children below the age of ten. The train was pass from Gorakhpur to Siwan as per official said gate man who tried to alerts passengers about approaching the unnamed railway crossing train but school van driver didn’t pay any heed and it was too late. after accident huge crowd gathered around the school van. Chief minister yogi Aditya Nath send an accident relief train from Gorakhpur. The chief minister also rushed to the place of accident.

Yogi Aditya Nath has also announced the compensation of 2 lakh for families of the children. Prime minister Narendra Modi and president ram Nath kovind were twitted expressing grief over the accident.

PM Modi Twitted “I am extremely saddened on hearing about the death of 11 school students in a collision between a school van and a train in Uttar Pradesh’s # Kushinagar. UP government and railway department will take appropriate action,”.