Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Tips To stay Healthy and Fit On Budget

We all have a desire to stay healthy and fit and often complain that the budget is shattered if health maintained. If you are among the category of people who think a healthy lifestyle costs millions then let the myth break. You can choose to stay healthy while on a budget.

Stop eating junk

Do not buy junk food and you will not only save some precious bucks but also contribute immensely towards your health. Junk food is expensive Therefore stop buying them and in its place opt for healthy food, fruits, and vegetables that will satiate your taste buds and hunger.


Exercise is important to stay healthy but then it doesn’t mean that you need to take a membership in expensive clubs or gyms. Rather buy a cycle and start your cycling regime or even better catch up with your friends while jogging and running. It will be a great way to spend quality time in nature and with your loved ones the factors which contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

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Stock up your healthy staples

Have healthy staples in your kitchen and eat healthy home cooked meals in your home. Follow recipes that need less oil while cooking. Importantly, replace the refined sugar         and flour with their healthy alternatives. Examples in place of wheat flour use gluten       free flour, in place of refined sugar use brown sugar or honey. Using fruits like grapes      and berries can help in satiating sugar cravings and also prove as a healthier option.

Use overripe for smoothies

No matter how little fruits and vegetables we buy there are always some overripe fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. Rather than throwing them away make frozen desserts, or smoothies or soup out of it. In this way the fruits and vegetables will not go waste and you will get something healthy to eat.

Stay hydrated

Water is the most essential thing that contributes immensely towards your good health. Drink water and all the toxins will get washed away from your body giving healthy  body and glowing skin. Importantly, water is free of cost so even in budget you are healthy. However, keep in mind that excess of anything is bad. Thus even too much of water can    get your kidneys to overwork and thereby cause more harm than doing good. Access your daily water requirement depending your weight, BMI, age, physical activities and drink water accordingly. Ideally it is your weight divided by ten, then divide it by half this is    your daily water requirement add or reduce more if you take caffeine or sweat more then increase water consumption.


Staying healthy is a option and a way of life not a weekly or a few day goals.