Saturday, April 10, 2021

Tips For Healthy Winter Skin

Winters are scary at least for skin they are a nightmare. Cold, dry air can leave the skin itchy,  red,  and irritated. No matter which moisturizer you are using the skin still feels dry. The situation calls for retaining your skin’s natural moisture. Thus when the winter air blows follow the below-mentioned tips to keep your skin, soft, supple, and nourished.

Invest in a humidifier to maximize moisture

A humidifier can add moisture to the dry winter air of your home and office and thus keeps your skin hydrated. Switch on the humidifier and spend your maximum time there.

Lower the time of the heater

With chilling nerve weather you are tempted to use a  heater, however, it is a bad idea as using a heater can make the air drier. Therefore avoid using the heater, as it is harmful to both your skin and lungs.

Mild, fragrance free-cleansers

If you are using the wrong soap it can cause more damage to your skin than doing any good. During the winters use a mild and fragrance-free soap on your skin as it will clean the skin without drying it and causing any irritation or redness.

Limit shower time

We all read taking a shower during the winters, but then a long steamy shower is tempting. However, for the skin staying long in a hot shower or soaking in a hot water tub can cause more harm than doing good. The best option is to bathe in lukewarm water for five to ten minutes.

Stay hydrated

During the winters as we are not thirsty, we may tend to skip the essential requirement of water consumption. Skipping water can harm the health of your skin. Keeping your skin hydrated during the winters is highly essential.  Thus drink water and see your healthy glowing skin.

Moisturize your skin

Using a good quality moisturizer is highly important during the winter months.  Use a cream rather than lotion as the former is highly moisturizing. As many times you wash your hand with water apply the cream.  

Apply sunscreen

On a bright sunny Summer day, we apply sunscreen, even on bright sunny winter days,  the sunscreen is used. However, even on grey winter days apply sunscreen as the harmful Sun rays are there that can cause harm to your skin.


Follow a healthy diet regime, exercise regularly, and soak the Sun for healthy winter skin.