Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Things to Know when Purchasing A Second Hand iPhone?

What should we have to know when purchasing a second-hand iPhone? A lot of people wants to purchase iPhone6s, but a new iPhone6s is very expensive. So that some people decided to buy a second hand iPhone, but they are easy to get cheated. This tutorial is mainly introducing a few important notes on purchasing a second-hand iPhone.
You don’t have to buy the following three iDevices.

  • Don’t buy a jailbroken iPhone.
  • Don’t buy an iPhone without the erasing all settings. You need to ask the seller to erase all settings for you before the deal. (“Settings”→“General”→“Reset”→“Erase All Content and Settings”).
  • Don’t buy the iPhone out of warranty.

Then you need to check the following items.
Touch ID: please open the “Settings” of your iPhone →click the button “Touch ID & Passcode”, and then after record your fingerprint on the iPhone. After it’s complete, try to unlock the iPhone with your own fingerprint.

Flashlight: please open the “Control Center” of your iPhone, then click the button “Flashlight” to check if it will light up, if the light is on, then it can be regarded as normal.
Vibrate: please open the “Settings” of your iPhone, then click the button “Sounds” →and turn on “Vibrate on Ring”. If your iPhone vibrates, then it can be regarded as normal.
Wi-Fi: please open the Wi-Fi of your iPhone. If your iPhone has the full sign, then it can be regarded as normal.
Gyroscope: please open the “Compass” of your iPhone, and then shake your iPhone. If the data is changed, then it can be regarded as normal.


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