Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Under-19 Cricket managed to crack the Auction

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 Indian Premier League (IPL) is always bringing up new talent and grooming young players, to help them show their talent. The Under 19 players like Prithvi Shaw, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Shubham Gill, Shivam Mavi, Abhishek Sharma, Shreyas Iyer, Rishab Pant and Washington Sundar are few of the names that have turned out to be millionaire babies.

1] Prithvi Shaw

 The captain of the Under-19 national team is a young and bright boy from Thane. Prithvi has been playing cricket since he was three. He has proved his worth as the captain and has won beautifully over Australia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, New Guinea, and Pakistan. He has emerged as a wonderful player even in the Ranji Trophy, 2017-18, he had a cumulative score of 537 runs in all six matches and this score had three centuries. Delhi Daredevils went to lengths to this boy in their team and sealed the deal for INR 1.2 crore.      

2] Kamlesh Nagarkoti

He was so nervous during the bidding of IPL  that he was sitting in the washroom to deal with his anxiety. However totally unaware he came out to be the costliest IPL player, in the U-19. Son of a Subedar from the Indian army that boy has his charm and sets the field on fire with his pace and his base price was INR 20 Lakh, Kolkata Knight Riders got this boy in their team after an aggressive bidding session. The final bid was of INR 3.2 Crore!

3] Shubham Gill

The 18-year-old you have great appeal when going for big runs. He was the vice-captain for the 2018 U-19 World Cup. His track record for the Ranji Trophy 2017 as well as under- 16 days, was totally impressive. He was also awarded the best junior cricketer for two consecutive years 2013-14 and 2014-15. Kolkata Knight Riders tried their best to have this boy in their team and after a voracious bidding fight with Rajasthan Royals, he was for KKR for INR 1.8 Crores.

4] Shivam Mavi

He is the fast bowling speed gun and has been taken up by the Kolkata Knight Riders team for INR 3 Crores. Son of a government contractor the Noida boy was a hidden talent to be found only in the present World Cup tournament that is being held in New Zealand. He got 14 runs in just 4 games and has bowling speed over 144 km per hour. His pay cheque is fat and was the second highest bid winner.

5] Abhishek Sharma

The Amritsar boy has entered the IPL U-19, he had made an outstanding debut for Punjab in the Ranji Trophy last year. the selection team was clean bowled with his notable track record. He was in the U-19 national cricket team in December 2017. 
The young boys have come a long way and proved worthy of the crores that went for their bidding.