Monday, October 18, 2021

The True Essence Of Valentine’s Day!

True Meaning Of Valentine Day

The 14th of February is the day for lovers. Two people who are in love spend the day together all dressed up in red. It’s only the day but a whole week before starts with the rose day, kiss day, teddy day, hug day, chocolate day, promise day.

These days are a testimony of love. If You failing to celebrate them is a matter of great shame. It’s pressure from the society and of course the social media sites that you have to celebrate the days and that too with great zeal.

Diving in the past Valentine’s Day was as the saint day celebrated to honor the several Christian martyrs named Valentine. Valentine’s day is associated with love and romance. It became the day for the lovers.

The transition was phenomenal but what is more striking is the inclusion of the commercial aspect. This implies that gifting the cards or roses does not prove love nor does going for candlelight dinner prove love.

A celebration of love is not only for this day. Rather it’s a journey of a lifetime.It is not about dinner dates in fancy restaurants or some cards or a few roses or those super expensive chocolates, rather it is the feeling that someone has your back, through the thick and thin.

Love is holding the hair of your pregnant wife who is puking. Love is holding hands while crossing the road. It is about not expecting anything from your partner rather letting your partner be the way they are.

Love is just letting your love to be free and not in any boundaries. It does not chain you or bring freckles on your face rather it gets the best curve on your and that is your smile. Love is not about the celebration of the day for just a day but a feeling that converts your whole life into a celebration.

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