The Top 5 Indian Institute of Technology of India


India has always attracted students from far on the countries to get educated in India. The ancient history is full of examples of students who have come to study in India. Holding top its reach heritage there are still a few universities that are pitch perfect and are imparting world class knowledge and can proudly applaud their alumni. Getting admission in these universities is not easy but its totally worth the effort, the best 10 universities of India are as follows:

1] Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)- leading way for India in its nine year at BRICS, IITB is the highest ranked university in India, it stands at the 179thposition in the world rankings. It was the second IIT to be founded in 1958 and s internationally acclaimed university in the field of engineering education and research. It also has several innovative short-term courses and it has link ups with universities and institutes both inside and outside India to enhance its program. It has the world’s best ranking for 16 subjects.


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