Thursday, May 13, 2021

The nature at its worst in the year 2018

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Nature at its worst in the year 2018

Across the globe, there were several calamities that Mother Nature had bestowed upon us. Nature always wants us to prosper but things do not go that way. At times of these calamities, we humans stand by each other, help or friends and foes in the same way and this is the beauty of our life on this Planet Earth.

1] Floodwater

Residents move through the flood waters from Tropical Storm Harvey in Beaumont Place, Houston Texas. This was one of the most emotionally taxing and difficult documents as the residents were walking in a safe destination. The photographer was so touched that he wanted to help but then taking the picture and documenting would have been a bigger help.

2] The shaky earthquake

The picture shows the dedication of the rescue workers and the Mexican soldiers as they take part in the rescue operation at a building that had collapsed after the earthquake at the Opera neighborhood in Mexico City. The earthquake occurred on the 20th of September and the next day the residents, rescue workers, and the soldiers were taking part in the rescue work and were trying to retrieve a corpse. All we’re focusing on the rescue work and were in utter shock and were trying to help the fellow rescuers by bringing in food, water, and medical supplies. The photo was taken with the hope that someone could have been found alive and will be saved.

3] The fierce fire

later in July, there was a massive fire in the coastal area of Greece, it claimed some 126 lives and most of the victims who had burnt died but some who were trying to rescue had drowned in the sea. The worst enemies water and fire were together claiming lives.

4] Water and land both kill

The Rohingya refugees were having a tough time on the land but while taking refuge even water played the trick. As they were crossing the border on boats due to heavy rains made it difficult to cross the Myanmar sea in their rickety boats. The rain was heavy and the waves were big. The boatmen would not risk in this weather but one single boatman with 80 people and was slowly making to the shore. However, at the Inani beach it capsized, the rain and chaos made it difficult to understand the exact scene but there were many casualties and most of them were of kids.

5] Kerela floods

It was the heaviest rain after years and for some 88 days. The entire coastline was submerged. What affected badly was not flood but the fact that capacity to deal with the flood was not there, illegal stone quarrying, cutting of forests and grasslands and changing drainage pattern led to the massive loss. The fisherman community worked to save people from the floods and they were applauded.
We have to respect nature and then only some of these calamities can be stopped, but the fact that we work as a team and help people during the time’s distress needs appreciation.