Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Man has again made a History: M.S Dhoni

The Indian captain cool is on International break presently, and the loving husband and doting father having the best time of life. His wife Shakshi Dhoni had posted a few pictures on her Instagram account that have gone viral and it had all the reasons to be so. The pictures showed captain cool tying the shoelaces of wife’s shoes.

The act was simply cute and was a step closer to gentle quality, as it is very common for the wife to help husband with polishing their shoes of helping them to wear it. As per Shakshi, Dhoni had gifted her the shoes so it was his responsibility to tie it, also if we analyze if the husband gets anklet he tie it around the leg of the lady.
 We all were awestruck and could feel the way Cupid has stuck the couple, but alas haters will hate and they will troll. The picture went viral and when there people supporting the gesture there were many who were simply offended by the act. They criticized Shakhsi and called her unworthy of this gesture. The haters had the view that he is lowering himself, and bending in front of a lady to help her with shoes.
The lady, is better of captain cool and handled the situation in the same cool way and posted their picture, where again Dhoni is tying a bracelet on her hand.
This is what modern India is where there is love and respect for both the gender and no one is degraded. Hats off to the man for being the true “man”.