Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Country Wirth Hidden Gems, Myanmar:Myanmar Travel

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Myanmar Travel

Are you tired of the technology around you and simply want to rejuvenate and detox yourself then simply board a flight to this Asian country Myanmar. Escape the mechanical world and transport yourself back in time. The country is dwelling in another era and has extinguishing beauties to be explored.

Myanmar Travel

This country has spent years under military rule and is now set on the path of peace and is ready to show its serene and calm side to the world and it is truly worth experiencing.    

Myanmar Travel

The country has pixie dust in its air that will add shine to you and your life. Start your day with the beautiful sunrise of Bagan in a hot air balloon, thereafter soak yourself in the heritage walk tour of Yangon and stroll on the iconic U Bein Bridge. Explore the local market around Inle Lake. And experience the warmth of the residents.

Here is the list of places that you need to visit in Myanmar:

Shwedagon Pagoda

visit the spiritual and religious side of the country. It is the country’s very own Statue of Liberty. It is the pride and takes on the cultural aspect of the country.  Inside the Pagoda, there are local performing the rituals and the tourists being led by guides and overall its very calm view. The architecture is mesmerizing.

Myanmar Travel

The well-preserved history

If you are up for adventurous and historical tour then visit Po Win Daung Caves. It is centuries old, man-made caves, barefoot you need to make your way over 900 decorated caves and view stunning Buddha at every turn. The paintings and statues here are from the 14th century. Take a guide to understand the importance of the place.


Buy Jade

It may seem to be a cakewalk when in Myanmar but then it’s not. Visit the Jade Market in Mandalay and you will understand the reason. the rawness and chaos of the place will sweep you off your feet. Understand the characteristics of pure jade before you buy it.

Sip tea at any of the local tea houses

Burmese locals love their tea and thus visit any of the new or old tea shops across Myanmar to simply sip it. The places have not only some amazing teas but also delicious food options like mutton pastries, pennyworts salad, and steamed buns all served with a broad sunshine smile.

Swim at the Ngapali beach

It is the most beautiful beach of Myanmar with sugary white sand laced with palm trees. Snorkel, swim, kayak, or fish the beach will astonish you. Thereafter head to the adjoining fishing village Jate Taw and experience the local life.

Whatever you may do here the place will definitely give you reasons to fall in love with it.