The celebs were seen serving food at the Ambani Wedding: the reason behind it

Creative memes were seen on the social media sites and Twitter was flooded with a quirky caption as the top of the B-town stars were seen serving food at the Ambani wedding. Senior Bachchan, Junior Bachchan, along with a daughter in law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Amir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan were the few who had served the guests at the Wedding of Isha Ambani and  Anand Parimal’s wedding.

Food is an integral part of a wedding and if the wedding is a real big fat Indian wedding then the level of food is something, but if the food is served by the B-town stars it is impeccable.
The wedding of the year saw our favorites serving the food and when the reason for the same was asked Junior Bachchan had the best reason behind the sweet. He explained that is a custom where the bride’s family serves food to the family of the groom. The custom is called ‘sajjan ghot’.
Well, this is what you call love and respect for your traditions and culture. This was inspirational and it is something that we need to imbibe from the celebs and the Ambani family.

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