Friday, February 26, 2021

Tanushree Dutta Says Many Part Of Her Old Complaint were Omitted

Tanushree Dutta has issued a New statement and says that her old statement was not recorded “as per my say” at the Goregaon police station. Her lawyer stated that many parts of the complaint were Omitted and the FIR was filed only for the offense of causing damage to her car and riot. Her main statement of sexual harassment, as well as the name of the culprit, were reportedly left out from the complaint by the police. The statement also mentions that how she was under “tremendous shock” and suffered “psychological trauma” following the incident.
Tanushree Dutta’s Lawyer said that police refused to take Nana Patekar’s name and other four persons were not reporting her statement properly. Therefore, Tanushree left the police station without recording a statement. After that, the police recorded a statement of her father and lodged an FIR for rioting and causing damage to her car. The actress is also going to approach the Bombay High Court and will file a PIL seeking an internal complaints committee to be formed in every film-related body. Her lawyer also said that the actress had received threats and was “pressurized to not take any action.”
He said that the police manipulated the FIR by not mentioning the accused named in the complaint. That’s why we will be moving the High Court to take action against this police officer. Tanushree Dutta had accused Nana Patekar of touched inappropriately on the sets of Horn ‘OK’ please in 2008. She also claimed that even after she complained to choreographer Ganesh Acharya, she was forced to shoot the song sequence with the actor which involved several intimate scenes that she was uncomfortable with. When she decided to walk out of the film, her car was vandalized by politically affiliated goons.