Sunday, May 16, 2021

Tallest Building In The World Taller Than Burj Khalifa : Analemma Tower

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Analemma Tower is the world Tallest building, Taller than Burj Khalifa. Analemma Tower will be not built-in traditional design but built-in space-based design. Space-based design means the tower is hanging from space toward the earth.

Things you need to know about Analemma Tower:-

  • Tower Will be hanging from 50,000 km height above the earth on the asteroid and Top Floor of Tower will be at height of 32000 m.
  •  Tower Will be hanging From large asteroid place over the earth orbit on strength cable lowered toward the earth surface.
  • Tower Will be Constructed in Figure 8 form.
  • The size and shape of the window are change on each floor of the tower as par pressure and the temperature difference.
  • To place Asteroid on earth orbit it would cost $1.25 Billion as per NASA Estimated the cost of this thing.
  • Total Cost of this tower construction will be a one-fifth cost of the total new york city.
  • The tower constructed over Dubai after that Tower will be Transport to New York City.
  • A drone Vehicle or parachute will be used To go inside the Tower.

Diagram of Analemma Tower By Clouds Ao company

Video  By Clouds Ao Company:-