Friday, April 10, 2020

Star Wars Day 2019

Star Wars Day is observed on 4th May. This Day is Celebrated by Star Wars fan. Star war is Epic space base opera media franchise. star war is created by George Lucas. The holiday is not declared by the Lucas film. But Fan of star wars observes a holiday on this day.

The catchphrase of this day is the “May the fourth be with you“.Star wars day first time observed in 2011. 

Who is George Lucas?

George Lucas is an American filmmaker. Lucas is known for the star wars franchise. This franchise started in 1977. Star war franchise is of Lucas film. In late 2012 Walt Disney buy the Lucas film.


How to celebrate this Day?

There are different ways to celebrate this day. Celebration of this day depends on the cultural phenomena. You can go with your friend’s group and celebrate the star wars events in a different part of the world.

You can visit the nearest space center or museum.




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