Sunday, March 7, 2021

Social Media Day 2020: 30 June


Social media day was founded by Mashable in 2010. Social Media day is celebrated every year on June 30th.In our short period of life, social media perform an important role in everyday life social media has redefined how people communicate with each other and how people interact with family friends and the world.
Starting with social media trends in 2002 with the launch of Friendster and Myspace in 2003. Then in 2004 Facebook comes into the picture the king of social media. Twitter encouraged people by posting their thoughts only in 140 characters. We can be social through Instagram and Flickr by sharing all the pictures and videos you love.

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YouTube is a social place for everything. Social media has made it possible to stay connected and informed about those important people in our lives.
It reconnecting with classmates, past work associates, and important people in our lives, and more it is also a valuable part of social media.  It has also made it possible to connect with ancestors and find relatives you never even knew existed.
The family tree has become a social media platform as well. and and many others all supply a social platform where distant family members have the potential to meet and built their family trees.
The internet has long loved food, and social media is no different. Tumblr, Pinterest, and WordPress all make sharing and socializing about the latest food trends accessible. This may be the most addicting part of social media.
One moment a picture of a decadent, perfectly golden roast duck comes across your news feed.  In an instant, the complete video detailing how to execute this delicacy in 17 easy steps is provided for you.  One tweet later and you are off to the butcher.  In a Snapchat -Instagram -Tumblr hour you destroy your kitchen and end up with a Pinterest board titled “They Lied.”


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