Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Slap Day 2021:Anti Valentine Week 2021

Love is in the air in the first week of February. After Valentine Week Anti Valentine Day is Celebrated. If your relationship has not worked out after spending much money on your love and also you spend to much time. Your Proposal of love is rejected then you can celebrate the anti-valentine week. First Day of Anti valentine is Slap day.

15 February slap day comes the next day to valentine’s day. Love is a beautiful feeling but only for that person who cares about it, there are so many people in this world who does not care about love, you do not know whether the person you love is good for you or not but as you come close to that person you become knowledgeable about person more and more.

Slap day is celebrated for those people who had made a wrong decision about their life partner so they can slap on this day. A slap doesn’t mean that you go violent and slap actually but it refers to that you slap all the relationship with that person, you slap the feelings and emotions which are attached with that person who hurts you every day. Slap all those relations and live again.

Many Of People Thinks That on Slap Day a Girl Slap His Friend, But This Is not The Right Meaning. It Is Day Just Celebrated After 14th Feb To Have Fun With FriendsThis Day is About Forgot a Guy who Is Your Ex-Friend Or Not Doing a Good Behavior with You.

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