Saturday, May 15, 2021

Simple ways to boost your level of self confidence

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1) Develop Positive Attitude:-

It is said that attitude is everything. Attitude is all about our thinking what you think you become. If you develop a positive attitude toward the life you get more comfortable with your situation. A positive attitude is like a tonic it can help you in a difficult time of your life. If you want to achieve more self-confidence in your everyday life then develop a positive attitude like I can do this.what happens to you it doesn’t matter but how you respond to your situation is matter most. Self-confidence is developed by a positive attitude. Negative thinking brings down your level of self-confidence. If you want to enjoy more self-confidence used the power of positive thinking.
Self-talk is one form of building confidence through positive thinking. Positive affirmation can replace your negative thoughts in your mind and lead to a better self-image. Make positive self talk every day. When your inner voice says you can not do this tell yourself I can do this it is possible for me.Every time when negative thoughts come into your mind start positive self-talk. Through Positive affirmation, you can build self-confidence.

2)Define Your Goal:-

The goal is the gateway to freedom. If you want to definite success then you have to make a plan make a goal for your work. rather it is a goal of increasing self-confidence or your life goal, monthly income goal, Carrier goal, business goal whatever it is you have to plan. define a clear goal in terms of specification like if you have a monthly income goal than defining how many dollars you have to earn clear define whether it is $500 or $1000 clearly define it and act upon it.sometime people define a goal for getting more self-confidence but they never work upon that direction.
If you want to achieve more self-confidence than firstly find out reason behind it, why your level of self-confidence is down however it is natural thing every person have law self-confidence no one is born with self-confidence you have to earn the self-confidence by practice.due to law self-confidence you can not communicate well then make goal of  one new friend every week and talk with his/her face to face so slowly and gradually your level of self-confidence increase.

3)do one thing every day that scares you:-

Do one thing every day that makes you scared. If you Have fear of water than starting to swim regularly in the swimming pool then go for other water resources. After completing the task which you have fear, you have one kind of self-satisfaction and this thing boost up your level of self-confidence .when you fear of something,fear means nothing false sense of realization fear is not a real it is just your false imagination so when you did the task which makes you scare your negative thinking process will be stopped after experience of the task which you have feared. So do one thing every day that makes you scare which maybe increase your level of self-confidence.

Our mind accepts negative things very easily. So if you think only about your fear than your fear is do the task which you makes fearful, which brings the self-confidence in yourself.

4)Follow your inner voice:-
when you trying to do something good for yourself at that time many people including our friends, wife, father, mother and family members say you can not do this just leave this task it is not possible for you at that time your morale goes down and your level of self-confidence also goes down. At this time only one option remains you have to follow your inner voice and do show others just prove you can do this.
So if you follow your inner voice and take action your level of self-confidence goes up. Steve jobs say Don’t let the noise of others opinion drown out your own inner voice and most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
5)Identify your fear and overcome it:-
Main reason of low level of self confidence is fear.It may be fear of rejection,fear of what other think about you,stage fear,fear of relationship broken whatever it is your fear makes your confidence level down.So whatever is your fear write it down and take action to overcome that fear.If you write  down your fear than you have clear cut idea of fear so you can get proper direction to overcome your fear.99% percent of your fear is only bad thoughts which is west of your time and only 1% fear is natural fear which include fear of height,fear of depth so all this fear are fall in natural fear category.On other side self made fear are include fear of what other think about me,fear of  rejection.
Identify first your fear it is natural fear your self made fear.After make a plan and take action to overcome your fear.Most of fears goes when you closely observe the nature of fear.After identifying fear you can easily overcome it by practicing the obstacle.
6)Take care for yourself :-

Take care of yourself.When you want to do something in life you have to take care for yourself.Care for yourself including your mental and physical health.Your physical health can be improve by exercise and your mental health will be improve by the positive thinking,gratitude,passion and all that think which makes our self better than anyone care for yourself is very important in every aspect of life whether it is your personal goal or it may be your family goal you have to take  care for yourself.
Sometimes people not properly take care for yourself and see self as a victim so this kind of attitude degrade the level of our self confidence and harm very badly on the cells of our if you have good sense of self discipline you can take care for yourself.Never let your external situation makes you down,make your mind stronger by observing the pattern of thought so negative emotion goes down itself.self care is most important things in our life it is said that if you want to make others happy then make yourself happy Take care for yourself increase level of your self confidence.