Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sherlyn Chopra The Birthday Girl is Full Of Surprises and Here Are Few Facts That You Did Not Know About The Sultry Actress

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Sherlyn Chopra is the Birthday girl for the month of February and her birthday is on the 11th of February. She has managed to rule the hearts for more than a decade. Her sultry looks and the unabashed attitude and the ability to mince words has helped her to rule the hearts. She is bold and the beautiful and different from her peers. From hosting to Splits villa, competing in Bigg Boss, starring in YRF  sand working on Kamasutra 3D, she has her own league and place in the entertainment field.

Well the lady is talented and talked about yet she is engulfed in mystery and now lets dive and figure out the few facts about the actress:

Facts About Sherlyn Chopra 

  1. Her real name is Mona Chopra. However, the name Sherlyn suits more to her sultry looks. The name Sherlyn is a French derivation from the word ‘cherie’ and this means ‘darling’.
  2. She is proud to claim that she is the only Indian actress to have posed for the centerfold picture of the Playboy magazine. She has spent 12 days at the Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner. The photos from the photo shoot went viral on the net.
  3. Producer and director, she has turned with a music video for song Tunu Tunu and this song has more than 8 million views on YouTube. She has also directed a short film called “Maya”.
  4. In her interview with Latest LY, she revealed that she was a chain smoker. But recently she quit smoking. She also stated how she quit smoking.
  5. Slept for money, is an infamous tweet that she tweeted in 2012. She explains the true meaning of her tweet in 2016 in an interview “ “As a little girl, I aspired to be a doctor not just because my father was a doctor. But because I was mainly intrigued by science. I not only excelled in academics. But also in extra-curricular activities. Everything was right on track until I bagged the title of Miss Andhra. Nineteen and absolutely mesmerized by the glamour of showbiz. It was at this crossroads that I chose to walk a different path. During my initial days of modeling, I started dating men much older than my age who would pamper me silly with expensive gifts. It took me a while to understand that my need-based relationships lacked genuine care, concern, respect, and love. After, a great deal of introspection, I realized that just because a person desires me does not necessarily mean that he values me. The intent behind my “confession” was to introduce the born-again Sherlyn to the world by finding closure to her past.

With these facts, we wish her an amazing year ahead and a fun-filled birthday.