Sabrimala: some 30 women from rights group attempt to visit the shrine with full protection from government

Sabarimala:30 women from rights group attempt to visit the shrine with full protection from the Government

Some 30 to 40 women from a Chennai based right group will be going to the Sabarimala on Sunday, it is a revolutionary attempt to visit the shrine in Kerela. Earlier some women try to enter in the shrine after the Supreme Court ‘s 28 September verdict that had overruled the ban of entry of women in the temple from the age group of 10-50.


 Sabarimala protests as devotees and Opposition are against this decision of the LDF-led government to get the verdict implemented. The protestors are arrested and there is order to impose let no violence occur in the area near a shrine.

Women right group ‘Manthini’ will reach Kottayam on Sunday and will then proceed to the Sabarimala temple. The government of Kerela has assured security to the women, but the state police do not have complete information regarding the schedule of the activist. The protestors are in the mindset to stop the women at Kottayam itself and let them not move ahead.

As per a leading magazine, the pilgrimage is the plan after a conversation via email with the Chief Minister of Kerela. The intention of the visit is just to seek the blessing of Lord Ayyappa and all the members are strictly following the Mandalakaala vrutham that is pre- pilgrimage rituals. The members half full support of their family and with a clean heart they are going for the ‘darshan’.

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