Thursday, May 13, 2021

Sabarimala Temple Row- brave heart 11 women reach the Pampa Base Camp

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Braveheart 11 women reach the Pampa Base Camp

On Sunday six women from the age group of 10 to 50 years have arrived at Pampa base. The Pampa base is 4 km away from the shrine.
5 other women who accompanied them did it show them ‘the bond of unity’. In all a group of 30 women including six has reached the base camp.

The situation near the shrine is quite tense. All the female devotees reached closer to the shrine the protests have increased at Pampa. The protestors will not let the women from the age of 10 to 50 enter the shrine of Lord Ayyappa.
The female devotees pleaded to allow them a short visit to the temple after which they will return back. As the situation is quite tensed Pathanamthitta district magistrate has extended Section 144 till the 27th of a month. As per section 144, it prohibits the unlawful gathering and protest between areas of Elavungal and Sannidanam.
Kerela’s Devaswom Minister Kadakampally Surendran that “Kerala High Court has appointed a three-member committee including two judges to observe the activities of Sabarimala Temple. The committee will take the decision and the government will implement it.”
In spite of the verdict of the Supreme Court to allow the women to enter the holy shrine, the state government has failed to implement the same due to the protests. On Friday a 43 years old lady from the Andhra Pradesh had to return back because the protest of devotees was massive.