Thursday, May 13, 2021

Receptionists Day 2019

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National Receptionist Day is Observed on the 2nd Wednesday of the May month. It is also known as Receptionist Day. Today is National Receptionist Day 8th May 2019. This day was the first time created in 1991 by the National Receptionists Association.
National Receptionists day is celebrated nationwide in recognition of more than one million receptionists. National Receptionist Day started because National receptionist wanted to distinguish the role of the receptionist in business. It is celebrated not only in the US but also in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. 
Now receptionists are employed in every industry including technology, healthcare, physicians, dentists office, law offices, and veterinary offices. Receptionists can be employed both the full and part-time.
Receptionist supports management at all levels of the organization and answers the company telephone. Generally, Receptionist greets the public who came into the Company. Receptionist requires excellent interpersonal skills, good communication skills, customer service skills. A receptionist must have multi-task ability to perform many duties including messages, scheduling appointments.

Duties of Receptionist:-

  • Taking messages and Answering the telephone calls of the company.
  • Scheduling appointments with managing and maintaining electronic calendars.
  • Greeting customers, clients, and other visitors who came into the company.
  • Enter the data of customers.
  • Maintenance of the electronic documents.
  • Handle the incoming and outgoing email of the company.

If you want to become a receptionist. It requires to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Basic computer knowledge requires. As per requirement companies will provide training for a short period of time. You can take courses local education center and online courses are also available.

Purpose Of The Receptionist Day:-

  • Recognition of the Importance of the receptionist role. A receptionist is the first person a customer or client meets when they visit a company.
  • Raise awareness about the important role of the receptionist.
  • Give receptionists an opportunity to share their stories publicly.

How to Celebrate the Receptionist Day?

Come into the office half an hour early and start decorating receptionist Desk. Decorate the receptionist Desk with the help of the bright streamers, balloons.
Make Sure that all people around your office knows that receptionist day is here. So Day ago send an email, messages to people around your works. On receptionist, day tells everyone today is a receptionist day.
Send Greeting cards to all receptionists. Ask receptionists for there needs and understands the needs of receptionists. Give them rewards for his/her work. Appreciate all for there contribution to your company. Give gifts to all the people in your office.