Sunday, May 16, 2021

Rahul Gandhi receive First call from PM modi after flight scare in Karnataka

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Congress president Rahul Gandhi and four passengers on charter flight traveling from Delhi to Karnataka got a major scare on Thursday. After this incident, Rahul Gandhi receives first call from PM Modi as per congress sources says. Congress president was traveling in charter flight while charter flight shaking violently and went in to free fall as per party leader said to police.

PM Modi asked Rahul Gandhi on phone Whether he was fine or not, which shows that the government was not taking lightly this incident. The Directorate general of civil aviation said that the problem was a malfunctioning autopilot that is not Uncommon. but Congress sources say that Rahul Gandhi has a commercial pilot license.

The rudder was malfunctioning as per party sources, adding that chief trying to save the situation and take the side of the pilot. Rahul Gandhi is guarded by special protection Group commandos and has the highest level of protection. Karnataka police chief  Kaushal  Vidyarthee said that around 10.45 am, the VT- AVH Falcon 2000 dived around 500 meters, tipped sharply and “violently shuddered” even though the weather was clear, “sunny and not windy”.