Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Pakistan High Commission misplaces 23 Indian Passports

Pakistan misplaces 23 Indian Passports

New Delhi, December 15: passport of 23 Indian who had applied for Visa of Pakistan goes missing, from the Pakistan High Commission. The 23 people had applied for a visa through agencies and their visits were solely for religious reasons.


As per the reports of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), it has come to their notice that some 23 passports of the Indian citizens are missing. MEA has asked the passport issuing authority to take the necessary steps as required.
 The ministry has come into action has revoked all the passports that have gone missing and has also discussed the issue with the Pakistan High Commission.
Another news of importance and great relief is that Hamid Ansari will be released from the jail across the border. It is news of love and how things turned upside down for this young man. He left the border for love but then sadly ended up being in jail for a period of six years.
After spending 6 years in Pakistan jail for no crime. It is a moment of celebration for Hamid Ansari and his family. Earlier, a Pakistani court had asked the government to complete the formalities required for Ansari’s deportation as his three years term in jail had ended on December’15.

Ansari is a software engineer from  Mumbai. On December 15, 2012, Ansari is lodged in Peshawar Central Jail. The military court had sentenced him to serve three years imprisonment, for having a fake identity card on December 15, 2012.
He enters from Afghanistan to meet a girl he had love interests with after meeting her online.
Ansari’s lawyer, Qazi Muhammad Anwar, had claimed that his client’s term will end on December 15, and he will be released on the morning of December 16.
Anwar informed that the sentence of Indian resident would be complete after two days. Both the Ministry of Interior and authorities remain silent over the news of his release and deportation to India.
Ansari was missing after being arrested by the Pakistan military. He was in the custody of Pakistan intelligence agencies in Kohat 2012. His mother Fauzia Ansari had filed the petition of his son had gone missing. The High Court informes his custody to the Pakistan Army.
He sentence for three years Jail. The Ministry of External Affairs issued a note to the Pakistan High Commission. It makes the arrangements for the earliest release of the Indian prisoners.