Thursday, May 13, 2021

No Pants Day 2019

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 No Pants Day is an annual event. No Pants Day is celebrated on First Friday of May month. This Day is mostly celebrated in the United States.
This day is also famous in Canada, France, Sweden, Australia, Finland, and the United Kingdom. On this Day Participants required to wear Undergarments on the lowering part of the body.

How to Celebrate this Day:-

This Day is Celebrate Without Wearing Pants. It Requires to wearing only Undergarments on the lowering part of the body and go out publicly. 
Participant Must spend Whole day without wearing pant publicly.

Why this Day is Celebrated?

It is Unclear when No Pants Day begins and why? Someone says first no pants day is occurred in 1985 and Some people say Texas Based Humor organization stared this Day. Small Campus Club at a University of Texas in  Austin Known as Knighthood of the Buh Thought that dropping the trousers on first Friday of the may month is a humorous stunt. After this promotion of this day was started.
Don’t confuse with the No pants subway ride day and No pants day. No pants subway ride is celebrated in January.