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National Doctors’ Day 2020 : March 30

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Happy National Doctors’ day 2020

 The national doctor’s day is celebrated on 30 March to expressing our gratitude and acknowledgment toward’s doctors of our society. On this day also we recall the contribution of physicians to individual’s lives and communities. The celebration of the doctor’s day varies from nation to nation depending on the commemoration of this day.

In India, Doctor day is celebrated on 1st July in order to honor the famous physician Dr. B.C Roy of India. This day is celebrated by patients, benefactors, health care organization and also by the health care industry. Staff may organize a launch for the doctors to presents the physicians.
This is the day when Dr. Crawford W.Long First used ether anesthesia in surgery. The hospitals and clinics of a different part of the country pay tribute to their physicians and doctors on doctor’s day thus recognize them for their contribution, hard work, and commitment to developing a better and healthier society.
But nowadays due to various factors relationship between the doctor and patients is declining because of so many misguidances regarding the medical information from different media resources. People look at their failure instead of success and hard work of doctors, a single failure makes them all fall as a victim of criticism. Apart from this people should realize that they are also a normal human being who needs appreciation for their contribution.
The idea of celebrating doctor day was felt by Eudora Brown Almond’s wife Dr. Charles B.Almond from Georgia USA. Then they decided 30 march is the right day for this celebration as on this day Dr. Crawford W.Long had use ether anesthesia in surgery for the first time in 1942. The first observance of the doctor’s day first happened in the USA 30 March 1933. The house of the representatives of USA first adopted a resolution on March 30, 1958. Later in 1990 the congress and senate approved national doctors’ day. The resolution designating March 30 as national doctors’ day was signed by President George Bush.

In Brazil national doctor day celebrated on October 18, in Cuba 3 December is celebrated as national doctor day, in Vietnam 27 February celebrated as national doctor day, in Nepal 4th march is celebrated as national doctor day.

In India, 1st July is celebrated as a national doctors’ day.

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