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National Consumer Day 24 December, 2019

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Today is National Consumer Day. Every Year National Consumer Day is observed on 24th December In India. World Consumer Day is celebrated on 15th March  Every year.
This Day is Celebrated to raising awareness about the consumer’s rights and needs. Consumer day is Celebrated with a different theme every year. This Day provides an opportunity for consumers to highlight their rights and Responsibility. In 1986 Consumer Protection Act was enacted by the Indian Parliament to protect the consumer’s interest and rights in India.
In 2018 Lok Sabha passed the consumer Protection act Bill to replace the Consumer Protection Act 1986. To protect the rights of the consumer National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission works at district, state, and National levels.
District Commission is authorized to Look into complaints involving claims worth one crore rupees, State commission is responsible for complaints about 15 crore rupees and more than 15 crore complaints arise at National Level.
National Consumer Day

Consumer Protection Act 1986:-

  •  Protect the consumer against the marketing of hazardous services and goods.
  •  Inform the consumer about quality, quantity, and standard of the goods and services to protect consumer rights.
  • In 1962, American president John F.Kennedy First time addressed the issued of the consumers’ rights.
  • Access to a verity of goods and services.

National Consumers Day 2019 Theme:-

This year’s theme of National consumer Day is “Trusted Smart Products”.

National consumer Day 2019 Images:-

National Consumer Day