Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Much Ado About Nothing the airport look Kajol can be simple

Airport look, Kajol

A few years back a reporter and blogger stated to catch the celebs when they were in the presence on the public but were not on- screen. Thus they decided to click the star when they were traveling and how they appeared at the airport into travel. While traveling the journey could be long or short but to maintain your style, comfort levels and yet look like a diva, the essence of traveling also has to be maintained it can neither be overdone or underplayed.

Celebs are trying to look their best when traveling and some of us have given us serious goals and set us on a shopping spree but here is the Fanaa girl who in her simple Indian attire and with minimal makeup has set an example of zen dressing.

 Kajol looked the best in her traditional look when she was spotted at the airport. She was simply wearing a humble suit and made sure to travel simple and chic with a comfy dress. The beautiful salwar suit had laidback vibes and strong appeal.

She wore a round neck front button kurta with straight fitted pants. The blue hues of the kurta, precisely indigo had floral motifs and stripes in white. The kurta has half sleeves. She wore blue-hued slippers and carries a bag. The cat-eyed big size frames looked good on her face and the tresses were side swept and complimented her look. The makeup was minimal with pink shade gloss. An overall simple yet powerful look for the ‘Fanaa’ actress.