Thursday, May 13, 2021

Miley Cyrus ties knot with Liam Hem worth and the photographs are Adorable

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Miley Cyrus ties knot with Liam Hem worth

She is the star, teen idol, music inspiration, and an overachiever on so many aspects. She is one of the most influential people and was always outspoken, importantly she has now tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Liam Hems worth over the weekend.

Last week couple on their Instagram handle had made their relationship official and the lady singer also announced about regarding her marriage. They took the vows on the 23rd of December in an intimate ceremony and have posted a few photographs from their ceremony.

Their relationship started when they first met on the sets of Nicholas Sparks’ 2010. She beautifully wrote on her social media page ’10 years later’. The relationship had ups and downs and the couple broke off in 2012 but only to reunite in 2015 and marriage in 2018.

Thus the New Year brings enough of beautiful moments for the duo.