Saturday, April 10, 2021

Mike Pence, American’s Vice-President and Trump’s Right-Hand Man

Michael Richard Pence born on June 7, 1959, is an American politician and lawyer. He is serving as the 48th and current vice president of the US. The Republican Vice PresidentMike Pence will debate Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris.

Mike Pence grew in a family that supported the Democratic Party, and he had an affiliation with this. However, at college, he swiftly drifted from Democratic to the Republic. He then joined a conservative think tank before starting his journey on the radio. It was here that his passive training to launch a successful election strategy was developed. In the conversations with the listeners, he realized that in Washington, people were not happy with both Republicans and Democrats.

The drift of views can be seen in him because he is influenced by both parties. As Congressmen, he held firmly to his hardline conservatism. The aspect has resulted in getting in conflict with the party. He defined himself as Christian, conservative, and a Republican and served 12 years as Congressmen. Mike is famous for being a hardline Conservative.

He has delivered on promise tax cuts as Governor of Indiana but has been caught up in the controversies related to primary civil rights. The two men have worked together for four years in the critical position, and for Donald Trump, he is the choice again for the VP post. On many occasions, it has been witnessed that the two have had ideological differences on personal and political grounds, yet he continues to be his loyal.

He has proved his worth by standing firmly in standing in support of Trump. Mike Pence, in several situations, has smoothened the rough edges of Trump’s remarks or has even reframed them.