Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Mercury 2018 Movie Reviews

Mercury 2018 movie release on 13 April 2018.

As Per times of India, 3 stars is given from 5 stars to mercury movie. As per film companion, 3/5 star is given. As per IMDb 6.9/10 is given.

PLOT of movie   

A group of 5 youngsters who are speech impaired was celebrating bday party and while traveling in a midnight drive they accidentally end up hitting a man (Prabhu Deva). They get to know that he died and they bury him in one place. When these friends reach that place again they get to know that he is alive but as a ghost. That man takes away one girl in the gang in the nearby chemical factory named “Corporate Earth”.

The gang gets inside the chemical factory one by one gets killed by that man in the climax the girl identified that the car which they were traveling killed this man. She explains their situation and that the man is a blind violinist once visited their school and this man is part of mercury memorial and became prey to that poisoning and also had a wife.

The man dies in the last scene the girl who gets to hear completely sees that the chemical factory in which the 4 youngsters got killed gets burned. The film ends with the message against toxic pollution.


A group of five youngsters is celebrating an occasion that holds special significance for them. It’s an anniversary of the closure of a company called Corporate Earth, which was responsible for poisoning several people in a village with mercury. Drunk and on a joyride, they meet with an unfortunate accident that changes their lives.

Given that it is a silent film, one would think that the filmmaker would have not much to play with. But Subbaraj manages to use every weapon in his arsenal, starting with the sound effects where the sound design by Kunal Rajan and background score by Santosh Narayanan fill in for the missing words and keep you on the edge. Cinematographer S. Tirru brilliantly lights up the screen in a toxic green hue during the factory scenes and manages to the wild beauty as well as the desolation of the forestscapes.

As far as thrillers go, there are no big scares that ‘Mercury’ delivers. Instead, it unravels at its own pace which is not perfect at all times. While the cat and mouse game that the characters play with the entity is clever and thrilling, one feels that the filmmaker has tried to explain too much in the second half at the cost of the thrills.

Prabhudheva as the entity is scary at first. But there are times when his piercing cries get a little too much and are rendered ineffective. The way how the filmmaker has tried to tie-up corporate disasters to the film’s story is commendable, but he also tries a lot to simplify the story which gets in the way of the scary parts considering the film only runs for 108 minutes. However, as thrillers go, this is one of the better ones that we have seen this year.