Thursday, May 13, 2021

McAloo Tikki Burger from India Set to debut in the United States

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McAloo Tikki Burger from India Set to debut in the United States

Proud moments for the country and for its food lovers as our Aloo Tikki take place in McDonald’s menu In Us. Good news for the vegans out there in the States and McDonald will now launch a new vegan option in Chicago, their global headquarters. The vegan burger ha our McAloo Tikki.

The good news is not only for us but also for them who are of Indian origin or immigrants there who are missing their childhood taste. The taste of wholesome somosa spiced patty that is oh so comforting. The combination where East meets West is commendable. The onions, tomatoes are gently put together with tangy eggless mayonnaise compressed between two golden buns are a mouthwatering combination, something to die for. For us, it is the organic gourmet food to which we have so many memories attached.

McAloo Tikki burger is food from our childhood. This is the only vegan sandwich option that is available there. As vegan food is in rage now and owing to the benefits of this diet many people across the globe have started to adhere to it.

It has become crucial for the company to have it on their menu. I am the way of expanding over the menu and incorporating a food item that already has a market and is loved by many.

Customers have expressed interest in items from McDonald’s restaurants located in India and we’re excited to offer them the opportunity to try the longtime vegetarian favorite, McAloo Tikki.” – McDonald’s owner and operator Nick Karavite. Thus be it the desi girl or the desi food both have won hearts in the US.