Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Mansi Taxak Fbb Colors Femina Miss India Gujarat and Kara Miss Vivacious 2019

Name: Mansi Taxak
Profession: Model
School: Fellowship Mission School
College: Bhavan’s College
State Winner: Gujarat

Interests: Dancing, Reading, and Volleyball

Favorite actor: Ayushmann Khurrana.
Previous Achievements: She worked with an NGO in Delhi and helped underprivileged kids with education and sanitation. She evolved as a person while working there and it definitely changed her perspective towards life which She considers to be the biggest award received by me in terms of my personal growth.
She says Love is what completes you.
She is Hardworking, future driven and a responsible human being. She always has a practical approach towards life, and a plan of action to follow but along with that She never forgets to live every moment of life and make memories. She always tries to keep the mood light and humorous because there is nothing more beautiful than being positive and happy.
She advises the youth today “There will be obstacles, there will be doubters, there will be failures and there will be mistakes but with hard work, there are no limits. Life is tough but so are you so keeping working for your dreams.”
She says her father has always been her source of inspiration. All his decisions and words have had a huge influence on me. Coming from a family where education was a luxury for him and did not get a chance to carry on with his further study, he always taught me the importance of education in one’s life and how it can eradicate half of the world’s problems.

Favorite quote:

All things are achievable, if our mind thinks so

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