Thursday, May 13, 2021

Life with Dementia what makes it bearable?

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Life with Dementia 

Dementia means loss of memory and other mental abilities severe enough to curb daily life. It is a result of the physical changes in the brain. Around 50 million people across the world are affecting with dementia.

Research is conducting so that they live a quality life with well being of them. Psychological aspects like positivity, self- respect, self- esteem, loneliness, and depression are close associates with the quality of Their life and well being for both the person suffering from dementia and the caretaker. 

Researchers have tried to seek support services and guide policy for dementia suffering people.

It is essential that society is made aware of the mental illness and it is not taken up as a taboo topic but is discussed and there are efforts made so that the person suffering from the disease is provided support to improve the quality of their life.
The research intends to give people guidance to help people live with dementia.